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Our Favorite Things Part 2 - A Path through the Landscape

Often one of the most unassuming elements in the landscape, paths are among the most powerful tools we have as designers. Whether flanked by trees, rock formations, or architectural elements, the framed views are constantly changing, and we are drawn through the landscape, experiencing it in a dynamic fashion. A path can perch above, or be carved into the surrounding landscape, dramatically changing our spatial perception. The texture and clash of materials beneath our feet further impact our experience of outdoor spaces, altering the cadence at which we traverse the landscape.

The projects above include the Water House by Li Xiaodong Atelier, Sohlbergplassen Viewpoint by Carl-Viggo Holmebakk, Wigert Summerhouse by Wenche Selmer, Trollstigen National Tourist Route Project by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, Residence in Corsica by Hubert de Malherbe, Stairs at Salemi Historic Center in Sicily by Alvaro Siza, and Swimming pools in Leca da Palmera in Portugal by Alvaro Siza


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