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Featured competition: Greenhouse Restaurant, Iceland
Renderings by Aishan Ranasinghe

international competitions

Greenhouse Restaurant, Myvatn region of Iceland, 2021

Proposal for restaurant with indoor organic farming component with views of Myvatn Nature Baths and Hverfjall Volcano.


Machu Picchu 2004 International Competition, Arquitectum (Honorable Mention), Cuzco, Peru
Proposal for a mountainside visitor’s lodge to allow for views of Machu Picchu.
Project featured in the April 2004 issue of Arkinka: Revista de Arquitectura, Diseño y Construcción

African Institute of Mathematical Sciences Competition, 2010 (Second Place), Dakar, Senegal
Proposal for seaside educational / dormitory complex

Kielder Observatory International Competition, Royal Institute of British Architects, 2005 Black Fell, Northumberland, UK
Proposal for an observatory within Northumbria International Dark Sky Park, the largest area of protected night sky in Europe


Jerusalem + Water 2: Routes/Rifts, University of Pennsylvannia Department of Landscape Architecture, Spring 2012. 
Design Brief: Freshwater harvesting / black water treatment

Kidron Valley and the Dead Sea, Israel

The Topography of Light: An Investigation of the Sublime Landscape and the Architecture of Projection. New York, Zephyr Publishers, 2004.
Investigation of volatile landscapes and the role of architecture in harsh environments

Works: Summer 2001-Fall 2002, Cornell University Department of Architecture. New York, Cornell University Press, 2003.
Design Brief: Archive of Nautical Archaeology and W.W.II Memoirs

Site: Maas River, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Night scene of Greenhouse Restaurant with aurora borealis
Interior view of Greenhouse Restaurant _scene 1
 Greenhouse Restaurant at sunrise
Interior view of Greenhouse Restaurant _scene 2
Aerial view of restaurant and greenhouses beyond
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