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The Elevated Plane

The roof plane provides another canvas for architectural expression, and while the union of architecture and landscape on an elevated plane is in some ways one of the ultimate expressions of modern architecture, it simultaneously references longstanding vernacular traditions. With the ability to passively regulate building temperatures, reduce the heat island effect in urban settings, and provide critical habitat for birds and insects, the rooftop garden also stretches our notions of the interplay of the built and the natural. In this journal entry, we wanted to highlight the remarkable work of several designers.

Projects include Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Museum by the Tongji Architectural Design and Research Institute, Staedel Museum extension by Schneider+Schumacher, Metal footbridge in Czech Republic, Intercontinental Sanya Resort by WOHA Architects, Can Ras by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, Hyunam House by IROJE Architects & Planners, Cretto di Burri by Alberto Burri, The Apartment House by Formwerkz Architects, Antinori Winery by Archea Associati, Apfelhotel by noa*, 'Aloni' Residence by DECA, and Hilltop Gallery by Deep Architects


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