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In this post, we are exploring the concept of movement as expressed through materials, light, texture, apertures, water, and planting. As designers, how do we create spaces which cause the eye to travel, only resting on a deliberate punctuation in the landscape or within a built structure? What type of experience does this create? What types of activities does this encourage?

Projects include the Pause pavilion by Ashari Architects, LUUM 24 residential complex in Tulum by Noxx Studio, TECLA 3D-printed clay home by Mario Cucinella and WASP, Bamboo Pavilion by ZUO Studio, church by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, Pigeon Tower in Esfahan, Torre Del Homenaje by Jimenez Torrecillas, Forests of Venice pavilion by Kjellander + Sjoberg and Folkhem, Ruins Studio by Lily Jencks Studio, photo of rice fields in Yunnan, China by Isabelle Chauvel, and photo of mudflats in Xiapu, China by Carol Yuen


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