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Mixed-Use Development/Affordable Housing in Oakland

Mixed-Use Development/Affordable Housing in Oakland

We partnered with RELM, YA Studio, and blink!LAB on a community-led initiative in Oakland to provide a mix of housing and commercial spaces for families and budding local businesses.  

We were tasked with designing a collection of courtyard and rooftop spaces for outdoor entertainment, a farmers' market, child play areas, and an urban rooftop farm.  Central to our design was the creation of lush, shaded, areas in an urban neighborhood with very limited green space.

Rendering by RELM

Oakland Hills Residence

We were commissioned to design a multi-level entertainment deck for a residence on a steeply sloping property, creating a seamless addition to the main residence.  In addition to a lounging area, the deck will accommodate a cedar soaking tub, and an outdoor dining area.  A collection of native plants will provide a softening touch and enhance privacy.

existing photos 2.jpg
progress photos 01.jpg

Culver City Residence

We teamed up with TSB Design to design a pool, outdoor lounging and dining areas, a fire pit courtyard, and a new driveway to create a green oasis for the family and enhance curb appeal.   

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